About Us

Company History

The revolutionary era of transformation during the late 80's and 90's twentieth century in polish politics and the economy brought rapid development of private sector. Company was founded in 1989 by qualified chemists with long-term experience in the industry and an impressive academic achievements.
Thanks to the efforts of professional managers and the involvement of all staff, VENITA became a global company, successfully delivering thousands of products per month to customers all over the world.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Since 2003 VENITA has a Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001. The processes of sourcing, production and distribution are controlled by modern standards of quality assurance. The audits confirmed the positive results (certification TUV NORD).

Prizes and Awards

Awards and nominations in many prestigious competitions,  are confirmation the VENITA achievements of recognition:

2001 – Award weekly "All You" for Fruit Care (a line of hair care)
2002 – Award “EUROPRODUKT 2002” for Perfect Hair Color (hair dye)
2003 – Nomination in the 13th edition of the "Poland Now" prestigious national competition
2006 – Award "Lodz promote" regional competition for Henna Color Colouring Balm
2008 – Distinction "Superprodukt 2008 Women's World" magazine for "Nail Therapy" (a serie of nail conditioners)
2009 – Award “The Pearl of the Cosmetic Market 2009" for the collection of bronzes Henna Color
2009 – Award "The Best in Poland" for Henna Color Colouring Balm
2010 – The Bronze Emblem "Highest Quality International 2010" for HENNA COLOR - Herbal Colouring Balm
2011 – The Silver Emblem "Highest Quality International 2011" for Henna Eyebrows and Eyelashes in cream