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Herbal hair shampoo

MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO WITH ALOE VERA EXTRACT FOR DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR. Moisturizes hair and scalp, soothes irritation, gives the soothing and refreshing effect.

REGENERATING SHAMPOO WITH FLAXSEED EXTRACT FOR DAMAGED AND FALLING OUT HAIR WITH A TENDENCY TO GREASINESS. Prevents hair loss, increases its elasticity, has a regenerative effect on hair and scalp.
Reduces the effect of greasy hair and scalp.

REBUILDING SHAMPOO WITH AMBER EXTRACT FOR COLORED HAIR. Stimulates the reconstruction of collagen fibers, moisturizes, strengthens and smoothes the hair structure, protects against color loss. Hair gets a natural shine, is easier to comb and does not become static.

STRENGTHENING SHAMPOO WITH BIRCH EXTRACT FOR WEAK AND DAMAGED HAIR. Repairs and hydrates the hair, soothes irritations, refreshes the scalp.

In recycled packaging: 300 ml