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Venita Private Label Cosmetics

Venita Cosmetics produces hair and body cosmetics under own label and also under customer’s label. Collaboration in production with assistance of specialists from Venita Private Label Cosmetics department allows to create cosmetics fulfilling individual needs of your company maintaining flexibility of minimal production batches.
VENITA Private Label

We offer assistance in various stages of Private Label cosmetics production:

• use of Venita Cosmetics recipes for production of your own label
• production from entrusted technologies and recipes of cosmetics
• adjustment of ready Venita Cosmetics recipes according customer’s needs
• new, individual recipes development
• cosmetics production on request
• packaging

Service of production collaboration by Venita Private Label Cosmetics allows reacting for your customer’s needs quickly and dynamically without engaging your production forces while maintaining confidentiality, flexibility and individual approach.

Venita Cosmetics has great experience, technologies and production capacity which guarantee a competitive price. This issue is especially important with products like Private Label cosmetics.

Numerous prizes and awards from prestigious competitions as well as PN-EN ISO 9001 Quality Certificate are confirmation of Venita Cosmetics essential quality.