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Mineral deodorant for men

Alum is a mountain mineral that occurs in the environment in the form of a mineral salt. It is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties and is used as an astringent in irritations and cuts. Recommended for people with sensitive skin , for active people who care about 24/7 comfort and freshness and appreciate natural and vegan ingredients.

Venita BIO deodorants for men contain 100% natural alum:
• provide freshness for up to 24h
• eliminate unpleasant sweat smell
• do not clog skin pores
• do not irritate
• do not stain clothes
• do not contain alcohol

The deodorants are very easy to use – just spray the alum deodorant on the skin of the body and leave to soak in.

Types available:
• protective 24h
• refreshing 24h

In recycled packaging: 100 ml